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Private Label

Come see what we can do for your brand.



Use our fruit bits to make delicious healthy snacks.

Versatile equipment.

A variety of unique shapes and sizes.

Flexibility is key. Our equipment and staff are able to make many exciting shapes. Forget traditional flat fruit snacks (although we can do that too), and see the fruit snacks that we can cook up to perfectly suit your needs.



Great taste & good for you.

A long list of health claims.

Our natural fruit snacks aren't just delicious, they also have no sugar added and provide a great guilt-free snack that everyone can enjoy. Our fruit snacks are available in almost any natural flavour you can think of. With our advanced technology, we can enrich our fruit snacks with vitamin C, protein and other ingredients to make your fruit snack even more nutritious.

Nothing to hide.

100% natural. No genetically modified ingredients.

You won't need to google any of our ingredients. Our 100% natural labels mean 100% natural ingredients and our delicious fruit snacks are all made with real fruit. The most difficult name to pronounce you'll find on our ingredient list is açaí.


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